Since a lot of people liked my comment yesterday, here's a friendly Admin guideā„¢ on how to make a milkshake at DHall, in an itemized list. 1. Pick you choice of ice cream and milk (after much trial and error, I can assure you there is a best choice. it's 1/3 a cup of chocolate milk and 4 heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream.) 2. Once your cup is filled, go to the station. To get the machine to start spinning, you need to slide the cup into the little metal tab (right behind the stirrer stick and about at the top). 3. Once you slide it into there, it'll start spinning automatically. The switch on top regulates the speed. All the way on the left is the slowest, right is the fastest. 4. Spin to your preferred thickness. Voila. 5. Enjoy. My combo tastes like a Wendy's frosty! Hope this was helpful!